Package com.sun.codemodel.fmt

Various resource file formats (classes that implement JResourceFile).


Interface Summary
JStaticJavaFile.LineFilterFilter that alters the Java source code.

Class Summary
JBinaryFileAllows the application to use OutputStream to define data that will be stored into a file.
JPropertyFileA property file.
JSerializedObjectA simple class that takes an object and serializes it into a file in the parent package with the given name.
JStaticFileAllows an application to copy a resource file to the output.
JStaticJavaFileStatically generated Java soruce file.
JStaticJavaFile.ChainFilterA JStaticJavaFile.LineFilter that combines two JStaticJavaFile.LineFilters.
JTextFileSimple text file.

Package com.sun.codemodel.fmt Description

Various resource file formats (classes that implement JResourceFile).

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