Uses of Interface

Packages that use JGenerable
com.sun.codemodelLibrary for generating Java source code 

Uses of JGenerable in com.sun.codemodel

Subinterfaces of JGenerable in com.sun.codemodel
          Marker interface for code components that can be placed to the left of '=' in an assignment.
          A Java expression.

Classes in com.sun.codemodel that implement JGenerable
          Represents an arrays as annotation members
          Represents an annotation on a program element.
          Things that can be values of an annotation element.
          array creation and initialization.
          Assignment statements, which are also expressions.
          A block of Java code, which may contain statements and local declarations.
          Catch block for a try/catch/finally statement
          Represents a Java reference type, such as a class, an interface, an enum, an array type, a parameterized type.
          A generated Java class/interface/enum/....
          JavaDoc comment.
          Enum Constant.
          Provides default implementations for JExpression.
          Field Reference
          A field that can have a JDocComment associated with it
          JMethod invocation
          Modifier groups.
          Special class object that represents the type of "null".
          A Java package.
          Java built-in primitive types.
          String literal.
          A representation of a type in codeModel.
          Type variable used to declare generics.
          Variables and fields.

Methods in com.sun.codemodel with parameters of type JGenerable
 JFormatterJFormatter.g(JGenerable g)
          Cause the JGenerable object to generate source for iteself

Method parameters in com.sun.codemodel with type arguments of type JGenerable
 JFormatterJFormatter.g(Collection<? extends JGenerable> list)
          Produces JGenerables separated by ','

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