Interface JAssignmentTarget

All Superinterfaces:
JExpression, JGenerable
All Known Implementing Classes:
JFieldRef, JFieldVar, JVar

public interface JAssignmentTarget
extends JGenerable, JExpression

Marker interface for code components that can be placed to the left of '=' in an assignment. A left hand value can always be a right hand value, so this interface derives from JExpression.

Method Summary
 JExpressionassign(JExpression rhs)
 JExpressionassignPlus(JExpression rhs)
Methods inherited from interface com.sun.codemodel.JExpression
_instanceof, band, bor, cand, complement, component, cor, decr, div, eq, gt, gte, incr, invoke, invoke, lt, lte, minus, minus, mod, mul, ne, not, plus, ref, ref, shl, shr, shrz, xor
Methods inherited from interface com.sun.codemodel.JGenerable

Method Detail


JExpression assign(JExpression rhs)


JExpression assignPlus(JExpression rhs)

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