Class SRTMProvider

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    public class SRTMProviderextends Objectimplements ElevationProvider
    Elevation data from NASA (SRTM).

    Important information about SRTM: the coordinates of the lower-left corner of tile N40W118 are 40 degrees north latitude and 118 degrees west longitude. To be more exact, these coordinates refer to the geometric center of the lower left sample, which in the case of SRTM3 data will be about 90 meters in extent.

    Peter Karich
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      • SRTMProvider

        public SRTMProvider()
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      • setCalcMean

        public void setCalcMean(boolean calcMean)
        Description copied from interface: ElevationProvider
        Configuration option to include surrounding elevation points when fetching the elevation. Has only an effect if called before the first getEle call. Turned off by default.
        Specified by:
        setCalcMean in interface ElevationProvider
      • setDownloader

        public void setDownloader(Downloader downloader)
      • setCacheDir

        public ElevationProvider setCacheDir(File cacheDir)
        Description copied from interface: ElevationProvider
        Specifies the directory where to temporarily store the elevation data after fetched from base URL. Default is a custom provider-dependent subdirectory in '/tmp'
        Specified by:
        setCacheDir in interface ElevationProvider
      • setBaseURL

        public ElevationProvider setBaseURL(String baseUrl)
        Description copied from interface: ElevationProvider
        Specifies the service URL where to download the elevation data. An empty string should set it to the default URL. Default is a provider-dependent URL which should work out of the box.
        Specified by:
        setBaseURL in interface ElevationProvider
      • getEle

        public double getEle(double lat,                     double lon)
        Specified by:
        getEle in interface ElevationProvider
        returns the hight in meter or Double.NaN if invalid

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