Interface ElevationProvider

    • Method Detail

      • getEle

        double getEle(double lat,              double lon)
        returns the hight in meter or Double.NaN if invalid
      • setBaseURL

        ElevationProvider setBaseURL(String baseURL)
        Specifies the service URL where to download the elevation data. An empty string should set it to the default URL. Default is a provider-dependent URL which should work out of the box.
      • setCacheDir

        ElevationProvider setCacheDir(File cacheDir)
        Specifies the directory where to temporarily store the elevation data after fetched from base URL. Default is a custom provider-dependent subdirectory in '/tmp'
      • setDAType

        ElevationProvider setDAType(DAType daType)
        Set to true if you have a small area and need high speed access. Default is DAType.MMAP
      • setCalcMean

        void setCalcMean(boolean calcMean)
        Configuration option to include surrounding elevation points when fetching the elevation. Has only an effect if called before the first getEle call. Turned off by default.
      • release

        void release()
        Release resources.

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