Class DirectionsStep

  • java.lang.Object

  • public class DirectionsStepextends java.lang.Object
    Each element in the steps of a DirectionsLeg defines a single step of the calculated directions. A step is the most atomic unit of a direction's route, containing a single step describing a specific, single instruction on the journey. E.g. "Turn left at W. 4th St." The step not only describes the instruction but also contains distance and duration information relating to how this step relates to the following step. For example, a step denoted as "Merge onto I-80 West" may contain a duration of "37 miles" and "40 minutes," indicating that the next step is 37 miles/40 minutes from this step.

    When using the Directions API to search for transit directions, the steps array will include additional Transit Details in the form of a transitDetails array. If the directions include multiple modes of transportation, detailed directions will be provided for walking or driving steps in a steps array. For example, a walking step will include directions from the start and end locations: "Walk to Innes Ave & Fitch St". That step will include detailed walking directions for that route in the steps array, such as: "Head north-west", "Turn left onto Arelious Walker", and "Turn left onto Innes Ave".

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    • Field Detail

      • htmlInstructions

        public java.lang.String htmlInstructions
        htmlInstructions contains formatted instructions for this step, presented as an HTML text string.
      • distance

        public Distance distance
        distance contains the distance covered by this step until the next step.
      • duration

        public Duration duration
        duration contains the typical time required to perform the step, until the next step.
      • startLocation

        public LatLng startLocation
        startLocation contains the location of the starting point of this step.
      • endLocation

        public LatLng endLocation
        endLocation contains the location of the last point of this step.
      • steps

        public DirectionsStep[] steps
        steps contains detailed directions for walking or driving steps in transit directions. Substeps are only available when travelMode is set to "transit".
      • travelMode

        public TravelMode travelMode
        travelMode is the travel mode of this step. See Travel Modes for more detail.
      • transitDetails

        public TransitDetails transitDetails
        transitDetails contains transit specific information. This field is only returned with travel_mode is set to "transit". See Transit Details for more detail.
    • Constructor Detail

      • DirectionsStep

        public DirectionsStep()

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