Interface IClassPath

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    public interface IClassPath
    A classpath from which resources (classes and other files) may be loaded. Essentially, this is just a list of codebases.
    David Hovemeyer
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      • addCodeBase

        void addCodeBase(ICodeBase codeBase)
        Add a codebase. The object will be interrogated to determine whether it is an application codebase or an auxiliary codebase. Application codebases must be scannable.
        codeBase - the codebase to add
      • appCodeBaseIterator

        Iterator<? extends ICodeBase> appCodeBaseIterator()
        Return an iterator over the application codebases.
        iterator over the application codebases
      • auxCodeBaseIterator

        Iterator<? extends ICodeBase> auxCodeBaseIterator()
        Return an iterator over the auxiliary codebases.
        iterator over the auxiliary codebases
      • mapResourceNameToCodeBaseEntry

        void mapResourceNameToCodeBaseEntry(String resourceName,                                  ICodeBaseEntry codeBaseEntry)
        Add a resource name to codebase entry mapping. Once this is done, future lookups of this resource will automatically resolve to the given codebase entry.
        resourceName - the resource name to map
        codeBaseEntry - the codebase entry to use for this resource
      • close

        void close()
        Close all of the code bases that are part of this class path. This should be done once the client is finished with the classpath.
      • getApplicationCodebaseEntries

        Map<String,ICodeBaseEntry> getApplicationCodebaseEntries()
        Returns all of the application code base entries that are part of this class path.
        map where the key is slashed (VM) class name with ".class" suffix

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