Interface Summary
AssertionAn Assertion encapsulates the code of an assertion into an object.

Class Summary
ClearSystemPropertiesThe ClearSystemProperties rule clears a set of system properties when the test starts and restores their original values when the test finishes (whether it passes or fails).
DisallowWriteToSystemErrDisallowWriteToSystemErr lets a test fail if it tries to write something to System.err.
DisallowWriteToSystemOutDisallowWriteToSystemOut lets a test fail if it tries to write something to System.out.
EnvironmentVariablesThe EnvironmentVariables rule allows you to set environment variables for your test.
ExpectedSystemExitThe ExpectedSystemExit allows in-test specification of expected System.exit(...) calls.
ProvideSecurityManagerThe ProvideSecurityManager rule provides an arbitrary security manager to a test.
ProvideSystemPropertyThe ProvideSystemProperty rule provides an arbitrary value for a system property to a test.
RestoreSystemPropertiesThe RestoreSystemProperties rule undoes changes of system properties when the test finishes (whether it passes or fails).
StandardErrorStreamLogDeprecated. Please use SystemErrRule.
StandardOutputStreamLogDeprecated. Please use SystemOutRule.
SystemErrRuleThe SystemErrRule intercepts the writes to System.err.
SystemOutRuleThe SystemOutRule intercepts the writes to System.out.
TextFromStandardInputStreamThe TextFromStandardInputStream rule replaces with another InputStream, which provides an arbitrary text.

Enum Summary
LogModeDeprecated. This enum is no longer needed, because all rules that are using it have been replaced with rules that don't need the enum.

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