Class TIFFImageReadParam

  • public class TIFFImageReadParamextends ImageReadParam
    A subclass of ImageReadParam allowing control over the TIFF reading process.

    Because TIFF is an extensible format, the reader requires information about any tags used by TIFF extensions in order to emit meaningful metadata. Also, TIFF extensions may define new compression types. Both types of information about extensions may be provided by this interface.

    Additional TIFF tags must be organized into TIFFTagSets. A TIFFTagSet may be provided to the reader by means of the addAllowedTagSet method. By default, the tag sets BaselineTIFFTagSet, FaxTIFFTagSet, EXIFParentTIFFTagSet, and GeoTIFFTagSet are included.

    New TIFF decompressors are handled in a simple fashion. If a non-null TIFFDecompressor is provided by means of the setTIFFDecompressor method, it will override the reader's usual choice of decompressor. Thus, to read an image with a non-standard compression type, the application should first attempt to read the image's metadata and extract the compression type. The application may then use its own logic to choose a suitable TIFFDecompressor, instantiate it, and pass it to the ImageReadParam being used. The reader's read method may be called with the ImageReadParam set.

    • Method Detail

      • removeAllowedTagSet

        public void removeAllowedTagSet(TIFFTagSet tagSet)
        Removes a TIFFTagSet object from the list of allowed tag sets. Removal is based on the equals method of the TIFFTagSet, which is normally defined as reference equality.
        tagSet - a TIFFTagSet.
        IllegalArgumentException - if tagSet is null.
      • getAllowedTagSets

        public List getAllowedTagSets()
        Returns a List containing the allowed TIFFTagSet objects.
        a List of TIFFTagSets.
      • setTIFFDecompressor

        public void setTIFFDecompressor(TIFFDecompressor decompressor)
        Sets the TIFFDecompressor object to be used by the ImageReader to decode each image strip or tile. A value of null allows the reader to choose its own TIFFDecompressor.
        decompressor - the TIFFDecompressor to be used for decoding, or null to allow the reader to choose its own.
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      • getTIFFDecompressor

        public TIFFDecompressor getTIFFDecompressor()
        Returns the TIFFDecompressor that is currently set to be used by the ImageReader to decode each image strip or tile, or null if none has been set.
        decompressor the TIFFDecompressor to be used for decoding, or null if none has been set (allowing the reader to choose its own).
        See Also:
      • setColorConverter

        public void setColorConverter(TIFFColorConverter colorConverter)
        Sets the TIFFColorConverter object for the pixel data being read. The data will be converted from the given color space to a standard RGB space as it is being read. A value of null disables conversion.
        colorConverter - a TIFFColorConverter object to be used for final color conversion, or null.
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