Class PNMImageWriteParam

  • public class PNMImageWriteParamextends ImageWriteParam
    A subclass of ImageWriteParam for writing images in the PNM format.

    This class allows for the specification of whether to write in the ASCII or raw variants of the PBM, PGM, and PPM formats; by default, the raw variant is used.

    • Constructor Detail

      • PNMImageWriteParam

        public PNMImageWriteParam()
        Constructs a PNMImageWriteParam object with default values for parameters.
    • Method Detail

      • setRaw

        public void setRaw(boolean raw)
        Sets the representation to be used. If the raw parameter is true, the raw representation will be used; otherwise the ASCII representation will be used.
        raw - true if raw format is to be used.
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      • getRaw

        public boolean getRaw()
        Returns the value of the raw parameter. The default value is true.
        whether the data are written in raw representation.
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