Class DataSetConfig

  • public class DataSetConfigextends Object
    Created by pestano on 26/07/15.
    • Constructor Detail

      • DataSetConfig

        public DataSetConfig()
      • DataSetConfig

        public DataSetConfig(String dataset)
      • DataSetConfig

        public DataSetConfig(String[] datasets)
    • Method Detail

      • useSequenceFiltering

        public DataSetConfig useSequenceFiltering(boolean useSequenceFiltering)
      • disableConstraints

        public DataSetConfig disableConstraints(boolean disableConstraints)
      • fillIdentityColumns

        public DataSetConfig fillIdentityColumns(boolean fillIdentityColumns)
      • cleanBefore

        public DataSetConfig cleanBefore(boolean cleanBefore)
      • executeStatementsBefore

        public DataSetConfig executeStatementsBefore(String[] executeStatementsBefore)
      • executeStatementsAfter

        public DataSetConfig executeStatementsAfter(String[] executeStatementsAfter)
      • executorId

        public DataSetConfig executorId(String executorId)
        executorId - name of dataset executor for the given dataset. If not specified the default one will be used. Use this option to work with multple database conncetions. Remember that each executor has its own connection.
        DataSetConfig with executor name configured
      • transactional

        public DataSetConfig transactional(boolean transactional)
      • getDatasets

        public String[] getDatasets()
      • isUseSequenceFiltering

        public boolean isUseSequenceFiltering()
      • isDisableConstraints

        public boolean isDisableConstraints()
      • isFillIdentityColumns

        public boolean isFillIdentityColumns()
      • isTransactional

        public boolean isTransactional()
      • getTableOrdering

        public String[] getTableOrdering()
      • getExecuteStatementsBefore

        public String[] getExecuteStatementsBefore()
      • getExecuteStatementsAfter

        public String[] getExecuteStatementsAfter()
      • getExecuteScriptsBefore

        public String[] getExecuteScriptsBefore()
      • getExecuteScriptsAfter

        public String[] getExecuteScriptsAfter()
      • getExecutorId

        public String getExecutorId()
      • isCleanBefore

        public boolean isCleanBefore()
      • isCleanAfter

        public boolean isCleanAfter()
      • setstrategy

        public void setstrategy(SeedStrategy strategy)
      • setUseSequenceFiltering

        public void setUseSequenceFiltering(boolean useSequenceFiltering)
      • setDisableConstraints

        public void setDisableConstraints(boolean disableConstraints)
      • setCleanBefore

        public void setCleanBefore(boolean cleanBefore)
      • setCleanAfter

        public void setCleanAfter(boolean cleanAfter)
      • getSkipCleaningFor

        public String[] getSkipCleaningFor()
      • setTableOrdering

        public void setTableOrdering(String[] tableOrdering)
      • setTSkipCleaningFor

        public void setTSkipCleaningFor(String[] tablesToClean)
      • setTransactional

        public void setTransactional(boolean transactional)
      • hasDataSetProvider

        public boolean hasDataSetProvider()
        true if dataset provider is not null and is not an interface (which means user has provided an implementation)
      • hasDataSets

        public boolean hasDataSets()

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