Class DBUnitConfig

  • public class DBUnitConfigextends Object
    represents DBUnit configuration of a dataset executor.
    • Constructor Detail

      • DBUnitConfig

        public DBUnitConfig()
      • DBUnitConfig

        public DBUnitConfig(String executor)
    • Method Detail

      • fromCustomGlobalFile

        public static DBUnitConfig fromCustomGlobalFile()
      • fromGlobalConfig

        public static DBUnitConfig fromGlobalConfig()
      • cacheConnection

        public DBUnitConfig cacheConnection(boolean cacheConnection)
      • leakHunter

        public DBUnitConfig leakHunter(boolean leakHunter)
      • cacheTableNames

        public DBUnitConfig cacheTableNames(boolean cacheTables)
      • mergeDataSets

        public DBUnitConfig mergeDataSets(boolean mergeDataSets)
      • setCacheConnection

        public void setCacheConnection(boolean cacheConnection)
      • setCacheTableNames

        public void setCacheTableNames(boolean cacheTableNames)
      • isCacheConnection

        public Boolean isCacheConnection()
      • isCacheTableNames

        public Boolean isCacheTableNames()
      • isMergeDataSets

        public Boolean isMergeDataSets()
      • isLeakHunter

        public Boolean isLeakHunter()
      • setLeakHunter

        public void setLeakHunter(boolean activateLeakHunter)
      • getCaseInsensitiveStrategy

        public Orthography getCaseInsensitiveStrategy()
      • setCaseInsensitiveStrategy

        public void setCaseInsensitiveStrategy(Orthography caseInsensitiveStrategy)
      • getExecutorId

        public String getExecutorId()
      • setConnectionConfig

        public void setConnectionConfig(ConnectionConfig connectionConfig)
      • setMergeDataSets

        public void setMergeDataSets(Boolean mergeDataSets)
      • isCaseSensitiveTableNames

        public boolean isCaseSensitiveTableNames()

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