Package com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.ser

Contains implementation classes of serialization part of data binding.


Interface Summary
BeanPropertyFilterInterface that defines API for filter objects use (as configured using JsonFilter) for filtering bean properties to serialize.
ContextualSerializerAdd-on interface that JsonSerializers can implement to get a callback that can be used to create contextual instances of serializer to use for handling properties of supported type.
ResolvableSerializerInterface used to indicate serializers that want to do post-processing after construction and being added to SerializerProvider, but before being used.
SerializersInterface that defines API for simple extensions that can provide additional serializers for various types.

Class Summary
AnyGetterWriterClass similar to BeanPropertyWriter, but that will be used for serializing JsonAnyGetter annotated (Map) properties
BasicSerializerFactoryFactory class that can provide serializers for standard JDK classes, as well as custom classes that extend standard classes or implement one of "well-known" interfaces (such as Collection).
BeanPropertyWriterBase bean property handler class, which implements common parts of reflection-based functionality for accessing a property value and serializing it.
BeanSerializerSerializer class that can serialize Java objects that map to JSON Object output.
BeanSerializerBuilderBuilder class used for aggregating deserialization information about a POJO, in order to build a JsonSerializer for serializing intances.
BeanSerializerFactoryFactory class that can provide serializers for any regular Java beans (as defined by "having at least one get method recognizable as bean accessor" -- where Object.getClass() does not count); as well as for "standard" JDK types.
BeanSerializerModifierAbstract class that defines API for objects that can be registered (for BeanSerializerFactory to participate in constructing BeanSerializer instances.
ContainerSerializer<T>Intermediate base class for serializers used for serializing types that contain element(s) of other types, such as arrays, Collections (Lists, Sets etc) and Maps and iterable things (Iterators).
DefaultSerializerProviderStandard implementation used by ObjectMapper: adds methods only exposed to ObjectMapper, as well as constructors.
DefaultSerializerProvider.ImplConcrete implementation that defines factory method(s), defined as final.
FilterProviderInterface for objects that providers instances of BeanPropertyFilter that match given ids.
PropertyBuilderHelper class for BeanSerializerFactory that is used to construct BeanPropertyWriter instances.
SerializerCacheSimple cache object that allows for doing 2-level lookups: first level is by "local" read-only lookup Map (used without locking) and second backup level is by a shared modifiable HashMap.
SerializerCache.TypeKeyKey that offers two "modes"; one with raw class, as used for cases were raw class type is available (for example, when using runtime type); and one with full generics-including.
SerializerFactoryAbstract class that defines API used by SerializerProvider to obtain actual JsonSerializer instances from multiple distinct factories.
Serializers.BaseBasic Serializers implementation that implements all methods but provides no serializers.

Package com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.ser Description

Contains implementation classes of serialization part of data binding.

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