Package com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.ser.impl

Contains implementation classes of serialization part of data binding.


Class Summary
FailingSerializerSpecial bogus "serializer" that will throw JsonGenerationException if its FailingSerializer.serialize(java.lang.Object, com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonGenerator, com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.SerializerProvider) gets invoked.
FilteredBeanPropertyWriterDecorated BeanPropertyWriter that will filter out properties that are not to be included in currently active JsonView.
IndexedListSerializerThis is an optimized serializer for Lists that can be efficiently traversed by index (as opposed to others, such as LinkedList that can not}.
IndexedStringListSerializerEfficient implement for serializing Lists that contains Strings and are random-accessible.
JsonSerializerMapSpecialized read-only map used for storing and accessing serializers by type.
ObjectIdWriterObject that knows how to serialize Object Ids.
PropertySerializerMapHelper container used for resolving serializers for dynamic (possibly but not necessarily polymorphic) properties: properties whose type is not forced to use dynamic (declared) type and that are not final.
PropertySerializerMap.SerializerAndMapResultValue class used for returning tuple that has both serializer that was retrieved and new map instance
ReadOnlyClassToSerializerMapOptimized lookup table for accessing two types of serializers; typed and non-typed.
SimpleBeanPropertyFilterSimple BeanPropertyFilter implementation that only uses property name to determine whether to serialize property as is, or to filter it out.
SimpleBeanPropertyFilter.FilterExceptFilterFilter implementation which defaults to filtering out unknown properties and only serializes ones explicitly listed.
SimpleBeanPropertyFilter.SerializeExceptFilterFilter implementation which defaults to serializing all properties, except for ones explicitly listed to be filtered out.
SimpleFilterProviderSimple FilterProvider implementation that just stores direct id-to-filter mapping.
StringArraySerializerStandard serializer used for String[] values.
StringCollectionSerializerEfficient implement for serializing Collections that contain Strings.
TypeWrappedSerializerSimple serializer that will call configured type serializer, passing in configured data serializer, and exposing it all as a simple serializer.
UnwrappingBeanPropertyWriterVariant of BeanPropertyWriter which will handle unwrapping of JSON Object (including of properties of Object within surrounding JSON object, and not as sub-object).
WritableObjectIdSimple value container used to keep track of Object Ids during serialization.

Package com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.ser.impl Description

Contains implementation classes of serialization part of data binding.

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