Package com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.deser.impl

Contains those implementation classes of deserialization part of data binding that are not considered part of public or semi-public interfaces.


Class Summary
BeanPropertyMapHelper class used for storing mapping from property name to SettableBeanProperty instances.
CreatorCollectorContainer class for storing information on creators (based on annotations, visibility), to be able to build actual instantiator later on.
ExternalTypeHandlerHelper class that is used to flatten JSON structure when using "external type id" (see JsonTypeInfo.As.EXTERNAL_PROPERTY).
FieldPropertyThis concrete sub-class implements property that is set directly assigning to a Field.
InnerClassPropertyThis sub-class is used to handle special case of value being a non-static inner class.
ManagedReferencePropertyWrapper property that is used to handle managed (forward) properties (see [JACKSON-235] for more information).
MethodPropertyThis concrete sub-class implements property that is set using regular "setter" method.
NullProviderTo support [JACKSON-420] we need bit more indirection; this is used to produce artificial failure for primitives that don't accept JSON null as value.
ObjectIdReaderObject that knows how to serialize Object Ids.
ObjectIdValuePropertySpecialized SettableBeanProperty implementation used for virtual property that represents Object Id that is used for some POJO types (or properties).
PropertyBasedCreatorObject that is used to collect arguments for non-default creator (non-default-constructor, or argument-taking factory method) before creator can be called.
PropertyValueBase class for property values that need to be buffered during deserialization.
PropertyValueBufferSimple container used for temporarily buffering a set of PropertyValues.
ReadableObjectIdSimple value container for containing information about single Object Id during deserialization.
SetterlessPropertyThis concrete sub-class implements Collection or Map property that is indirectly by getting the property value and directly modifying it.
TypeWrappedDeserializerSimple deserializer that will call configured type deserializer, passing in configured data deserializer, and exposing it all as a simple deserializer.
UnwrappedPropertyHandlerObject that is responsible for handling acrobatics related to deserializing "unwrapped" values; sets of properties that are embedded (inlined) as properties of parent JSON object.
ValueInjectorClass that encapsulates details of value injection that occurs before deserialization of a POJO.

Package com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.deser.impl Description

Contains those implementation classes of deserialization part of data binding that are not considered part of public or semi-public interfaces. Use of these classes by non-core classes is discouraged, although occasionally this may be necessary. Note that backwards-compatibility of these classes is not guaranteed between minor releases (but is between patch releases).

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