Class Summary
CharacterEscapesAbstract base class that defines interface for customizing character escaping aspects for String values, for formats that use escaping.
InputDecoratorHandler class that can be used to decorate input sources.
IOContextTo limit number of configuration and state objects to pass, all contextual objects that need to be passed by the factory to readers and writers are combined under this object.
JsonStringEncoderHelper class used for efficient encoding of JSON String values (including JSON field names) into Strings or UTF-8 byte arrays.
MergedStreamSimple InputStream implementation that is used to "unwind" some data previously read from an input stream; so that as long as some of that data remains, it's returned; but as long as it's read, we'll just use data from the underlying original stream.
OutputDecoratorHandler class that can be used to decorate output destinations.
SegmentedStringWriterEfficient alternative to StringWriter, based on using segmented internal buffer.
SerializedStringString token that can lazily serialize String contained and then reuse that serialization later on.
UTF32ReaderSince JDK does not come with UTF-32/UCS-4, let's implement a simple decoder to use.

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