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    public class SyncMLDataOpaqueextends Objectimplements OpaqueContentPlugin

    This is the most complicated opaque in the current implementation. Although specification was not studied it seems that SyncML can include inside the Data a syncml:devinf (which is another language, i.e. another WBXML document) or any other languages.

    This is really weird and also it complicates the whole process... This opaque has made change a lot of code. The linked definitions were added to a wbxml definition in order to know when a language has another languages linked.

    The implementation do another parsing/decoding process for the second definition.

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      • SyncMLDataOpaque

        public SyncMLDataOpaque()
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      • encode

        public void encode(WbXmlEncoder encoder,                   WbXmlElement element,                   WbXmlContent content)            throws IOException
        Method that encode a Data element. If the element is a string or a metinf it is just normally encoded, if it is a devinf a new document is generated in the opaque.
        encode ???? OpaqueContentPlugin
        encoder - The encoder doing the encoder processing
        element - The element which content or attribute is being encoded
        content - The content of the Data element
        IOException - Some error writing to the stream
      • parse

        public WbXmlContent parse(WbXmlParser parser,                          byte[] data)                   throws IOException
        Method that parses the opaque. It generates another WbXmlParser and re-parse the opaque data in a ByteArrayInputStream. The definitions used are appended to the original parser (this is the big difference that language has introduced).
        parse ???? OpaqueContentPlugin
        parser - The parser which is processing the decoding process
        data - The data of the opaque
        The content with the another document
        IOException - Some error decoding the other document

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