Class AmazonKinesisAnalyticsAsyncClient

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AmazonKinesisAnalytics, AmazonKinesisAnalyticsAsync

    @ThreadSafe @Generated(value="com.amazonaws:aws-java-sdk-code-generator")public class AmazonKinesisAnalyticsAsyncClientextends AmazonKinesisAnalyticsClientimplements AmazonKinesisAnalyticsAsync
    Client for accessing Kinesis Analytics asynchronously. Each asynchronous method will return a Java Future object representing the asynchronous operation; overloads which accept an AsyncHandler can be used to receive notification when an asynchronous operation completes.

    Amazon Kinesis Analytics


    This documentation is for version 1 of the Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics API, which only supports SQL applications. Version 2 of the API supports SQL and Java applications. For more information about version 2, see Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics API V2 Documentation.

    This is the Amazon Kinesis Analytics v1 API Reference. The Amazon Kinesis Analytics Developer Guide provides additional information.

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