• Interface Summary 
    A decoration of ILeaseManager that adds methods to get/update checkpoints.
    ILeaseManager<T extends Lease>
    Supports basic CRUD operations for Leases.
    ILeaseRenewer<T extends Lease>
    ILeaseRenewer objects are used by LeaseCoordinator to renew leases held by the LeaseCoordinator.
    ILeaseSerializer<T extends Lease>
    Utility class that manages the mapping of Lease objects/operations to records in DynamoDB.
    ILeaseTaker<T extends Lease>
    ILeaseTaker is used by LeaseCoordinator to take new leases, or leases that other workers fail to renew.
    LeaseSelector<T extends Lease>
    LeaseSelector abstracts away the lease selection logic from the application code that's using leasing.

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