Deprecated API

Deprecated Interfaces

Deprecated Classes
          Replace to 

Deprecated Annotation Types
          ???????????? SPI 

Deprecated Fields

Deprecated Methods
          Replace to getParameter(String, boolean), boolean)
          Replace to getParameter(String, boolean)
          Replace to getParameter(String, int), int)
          Replace to getParameter(String, int)
          Replace to getMethodName(), getParameterTypes(), getArguments()
          Replace to getUrl()
          Replace to getUrls()
          Replace to getStub(), String)
          Replace to getMethodParameter(String, String, boolean), String, boolean)
          Replace to getMethodParameter(String, String, boolean), String)
          Replace to getMethodParameter(String, String, int), String, int)
          Replace to getMethodParameter(String, String, int), String, int)
          Replace to getMethodPositiveParameter(String, String, int)
  , int)
          Replace to getPositiveParameter(String, int)
          Replace to getProtocols()
          Replace to getValue()
          Replace to getValue()
          Replace to isConsumerSide()
          Replace to isProviderSide(), Class)
          Replace to setStub(Boolean)
          Replace to setStub(String)
          Replace to setProtocols()
          Replace to setValue()

Deprecated Annotation Type Elements

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