Class JdbcSqlStat

    • Constructor Detail

      • JdbcSqlStat

        public JdbcSqlStat(String sql)
    • Method Detail

      • getLastSlowParameters

        public String getLastSlowParameters()
      • setLastSlowParameters

        public void setLastSlowParameters(String lastSlowParameters)
      • getDbType

        public String getDbType()
      • setDbType

        public void setDbType(String dbType)
      • getDataSource

        public String getDataSource()
      • setDataSource

        public void setDataSource(String dataSource)
      • getContextSqlName

        public static final String getContextSqlName()
      • setContextSqlName

        public static final void setContextSqlName(String val)
      • getContextSqlFile

        public static final String getContextSqlFile()
      • setContextSqlFile

        public static final void setContextSqlFile(String val)
      • setContextSql

        public static final void setContextSql(String val)
      • setName

        public void setName(String name)
      • setFile

        public void setFile(String file)
      • addUpdateCount

        public void addUpdateCount(int delta)
      • getUpdateCountMax

        public long getUpdateCountMax()
      • getFetchRowCountMax

        public long getFetchRowCountMax()
      • getClobOpenCount

        public long getClobOpenCount()
      • incrementClobOpenCount

        public void incrementClobOpenCount()
      • getBlobOpenCount

        public long getBlobOpenCount()
      • incrementBlobOpenCount

        public void incrementBlobOpenCount()
      • getReadStringLength

        public long getReadStringLength()
      • addStringReadLength

        public void addStringReadLength(long length)
      • getReadBytesLength

        public long getReadBytesLength()
      • addReadBytesLength

        public void addReadBytesLength(long length)
      • getReaderOpenCount

        public long getReaderOpenCount()
      • addReaderOpenCount

        public void addReaderOpenCount(int count)
      • getInputStreamOpenCount

        public long getInputStreamOpenCount()
      • addInputStreamOpenCount

        public void addInputStreamOpenCount(int count)
      • setId

        public void setId(long id)
      • getSqlHash

        public long getSqlHash()
      • setExecuteLastStartTime

        public void setExecuteLastStartTime(long executeLastStartTime)
      • addFetchRowCount

        public void addFetchRowCount(long delta)
      • addExecuteBatchCount

        public void addExecuteBatchCount(long batchSize)
      • incrementExecuteSuccessCount

        public void incrementExecuteSuccessCount()
      • incrementRunningCount

        public void incrementRunningCount()
      • decrementRunningCount

        public void decrementRunningCount()
      • decrementExecutingCount

        public void decrementExecutingCount()
      • addExecuteTime

        public void addExecuteTime(StatementExecuteType executeType,                           boolean firstResultSet,                           long nanoSpan)
      • addExecuteTime

        public void addExecuteTime(long nanoSpan)
      • getInTransactionCount

        public long getInTransactionCount()
      • incrementInTransactionCount

        public void incrementInTransactionCount()
      • getHistogramValues

        public long[] getHistogramValues()
      • getHistogramSum

        public long getHistogramSum()
      • getExecuteErrorLast

        public Throwable getExecuteErrorLast()
      • getResultSetHoldTimeMilis

        public long getResultSetHoldTimeMilis()
      • getExecuteAndResultSetHoldTimeMilis

        public long getExecuteAndResultSetHoldTimeMilis()
      • getFetchRowCountHistogramValues

        public long[] getFetchRowCountHistogramValues()
      • getUpdateCountHistogramValues

        public long[] getUpdateCountHistogramValues()
      • getExecuteAndResultHoldTimeHistogramValues

        public long[] getExecuteAndResultHoldTimeHistogramValues()
      • getExecuteAndResultHoldTimeHistogramSum

        public long getExecuteAndResultHoldTimeHistogramSum()
      • getResultSetHoldTimeNano

        public long getResultSetHoldTimeNano()
      • getExecuteAndResultSetHoldTimeNano

        public long getExecuteAndResultSetHoldTimeNano()
      • addResultSetHoldTimeNano

        public void addResultSetHoldTimeNano(long nano)
      • addResultSetHoldTimeNano

        public void addResultSetHoldTimeNano(long statementExecuteNano,                                     long resultHoldTimeNano)
      • isRemoved

        public boolean isRemoved()
      • setRemoved

        public void setRemoved(boolean removed)

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