Class WallTableStat

  • public class WallTableStatextends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • WallTableStat

        public WallTableStat()
    • Method Detail

      • getSelectCount

        public long getSelectCount()
      • getSelectIntoCount

        public long getSelectIntoCount()
      • getInsertCount

        public long getInsertCount()
      • getUpdateCount

        public long getUpdateCount()
      • getDeleteCount

        public long getDeleteCount()
      • getTruncateCount

        public long getTruncateCount()
      • getCreateCount

        public long getCreateCount()
      • getAlterCount

        public long getAlterCount()
      • getDropCount

        public long getDropCount()
      • getReplaceCount

        public long getReplaceCount()
      • getDeleteDataCount

        public long getDeleteDataCount()
      • getDeleteDataCountHistogramValues

        public long[] getDeleteDataCountHistogramValues()
      • addDeleteDataCount

        public void addDeleteDataCount(long delta)
      • getUpdateDataCount

        public long getUpdateDataCount()
      • getUpdateDataCountHistogramValues

        public long[] getUpdateDataCountHistogramValues()
      • getInsertDataCount

        public long getInsertDataCount()
      • addInsertDataCount

        public void addInsertDataCount(long delta)
      • addUpdateDataCount

        public void addUpdateDataCount(long delta)
      • getFetchRowCount

        public long getFetchRowCount()
      • getFetchRowCountHistogramValues

        public long[] getFetchRowCountHistogramValues()
      • addFetchRowCount

        public void addFetchRowCount(long delta)

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