Class WallSqlTableStat

  • public class WallSqlTableStatextends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • WallSqlTableStat

        public WallSqlTableStat()
    • Method Detail

      • getSample

        public String getSample()
      • setSample

        public void setSample(String sample)
      • getReplaceCount

        public int getReplaceCount()
      • incrementReplaceCount

        public int incrementReplaceCount()
      • addReplaceCount

        public void addReplaceCount(int value)
      • getSelectCount

        public int getSelectCount()
      • incrementSelectCount

        public void incrementSelectCount()
      • addSelectCount

        public void addSelectCount(int value)
      • getSelectIntoCount

        public int getSelectIntoCount()
      • incrementSelectIntoCount

        public void incrementSelectIntoCount()
      • addSelectIntoCount

        public void addSelectIntoCount(int value)
      • getInsertCount

        public int getInsertCount()
      • incrementInsertCount

        public void incrementInsertCount()
      • addInsertCount

        public void addInsertCount(int value)
      • getUpdateCount

        public int getUpdateCount()
      • incrementUpdateCount

        public void incrementUpdateCount()
      • addUpdateCount

        public void addUpdateCount(int value)
      • getDeleteCount

        public int getDeleteCount()
      • incrementDeleteCount

        public void incrementDeleteCount()
      • addDeleteCount

        public void addDeleteCount(int value)
      • getTruncateCount

        public int getTruncateCount()
      • incrementTruncateCount

        public void incrementTruncateCount()
      • addTruncateCount

        public void addTruncateCount(int value)
      • getCreateCount

        public int getCreateCount()
      • incrementCreateCount

        public void incrementCreateCount()
      • addCreateCount

        public void addCreateCount(int value)
      • getAlterCount

        public int getAlterCount()
      • incrementAlterCount

        public void incrementAlterCount()
      • addAlterCount

        public void addAlterCount(int value)
      • getDropCount

        public int getDropCount()
      • incrementDropCount

        public void incrementDropCount()
      • addDropCount

        public void addDropCount(int value)
      • getShowCount

        public int getShowCount()
      • incrementShowCount

        public void incrementShowCount()

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