Package net.sf.cglib.proxy

Interface Summary
CallbackAll callback interfaces used by Enhancer extend this interface.
CallbackFilterMap methods of subclasses generated by Enhancer to a particular callback.
DispatcherDispatching Enhancer callback.
Enhancer.EnhancerKeyInternal interface, only public due to ClassLoader issues.
FactoryAll enhanced instances returned by the Enhancer class implement this interface.
FixedValueEnhancer callback that simply returns the value to return from the proxied method.
InvocationHandlerInvocationHandler replacement (unavailable under JDK 1.2).
LazyLoaderLazy-loading Enhancer callback.
MethodInterceptorGeneral-purpose Enhancer callback which provides for "around advice".
NoOpMethods using this Enhancer callback will delegate directly to the default (super) implementation in the base class.
ProxyRefDispatcherDispatching Enhancer callback.

Class Summary
EnhancerGenerates dynamic subclasses to enable method interception.
InterfaceMakerGenerates new interfaces at runtime.
MethodProxyClasses generated by Enhancer pass this object to the registered MethodInterceptor objects when an intercepted method is invoked.
MixinMixin allows multiple objects to be combined into a single larger object.
ProxyThis class is meant to be used as replacement for java.lang.reflect.Proxy under JDK 1.2.

Exception Summary
UndeclaredThrowableExceptionUsed by Proxy as a replacement for java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException.

Copyright (c) 2001 - Apache Software Foundation

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