Interface Setter<T>

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    FieldSetter, MethodSetter

    public interface Setter<T>
    Abstraction of the value setter.

    This abstracts away the difference between a field and a setter method, which object we are setting the value to, and/or how we handle collection fields differently.

    Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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    • Method Detail

      • addValue

        void addValue(T value)              throws CmdLineException
        Adds/sets a value to the property of the option bean.

        A Setter object has an implicit knowledge about the property it's setting, and the instance of the option bean.

      • getType

        Class<T> getType()
        Gets the type of the underlying method/field.
      • isMultiValued

        boolean isMultiValued()
        Whether this setter is intrinsically multi-valued.

        When parsing arguments (instead of options), intrinsically multi-valued setters consume all the remaining arguments. So, if the setter can store multiple values, this method should return true.

        This characteristics of a setter doesn't affect option parsing at all; any options can be specified multiple times. In many cases, this is a no-op--but when your shell script expands multiple environment variables (each of which may contain options), tolerating such redundant options can be useful.

      • asFieldSetter

        FieldSetter asFieldSetter()
        If this setter encapsulates a field, return the direct access to that field as FieldSetter. This method serves two purposes:
        1. This lets OptionHandlers bypass the collection/array handling of fields. This is useful if you're defining an option handler that produces array or collection from a single argument.
        2. The other is to retrieve the current value of the field (via FieldSetter.getValueList()).
        null if this setter wraps a method.

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