Class ParserProperties

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      • defaults

        public static ParserProperties defaults()
        Returns an instance of the default parser properties. This instance can be manipulated with the withXXX() methods in this class.
      • withAtSyntax

        public ParserProperties withAtSyntax(boolean atSyntax)
        Toggles the parsing of @-prefixes in values. If a command line value starts with @, it is interpreted as being a file, loaded, and interpreted as if the file content would have been passed to the command line.
        atSyntax - true if at sign is being parsed, false if it is to be ignored. Defaults to true.
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      • getAtSyntax

        public boolean getAtSyntax()
        Gets whether @-prefix-parsing is enabled.
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      • withShowDefaults

        public ParserProperties withShowDefaults(boolean showDefaults)
        Toggles the showing of default values in the command line help.
        showDefaults - true if to show defaults, false otherweise. Defaults to true.
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      • withUsageWidth

        public ParserProperties withUsageWidth(int usageWidth)
        Sets the width of a usage line. If the usage message is longer than this value, the parser wraps the line. Defaults to 80.
        usageWidth - the width of the usage output in columns.
        IllegalArgumentException - if usageWidth is negative
      • withOptionSorter

        public ParserProperties withOptionSorter(Comparator<OptionHandler> sorter)
        Controls how options are sorted in the usage screen.
        sorter - If non-null, options are sorted in the order induced by this comparator.
      • withOptionValueDelimiter

        public ParserProperties withOptionValueDelimiter(String v)
        Sets the string used to separate option name and its value (such as --foo=bar vs --foo bar) Default to whitespace. Note that the tokens separated in the argument array (such as '-foo','bar') is always recognized as a valid name/value separator.
      • getOptionValueDelimiter

        public String getOptionValueDelimiter()

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