Package hex.genmodel.easy

The easy prediction API for generated POJO and MOJO models.

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Package hex.genmodel.easy Description

The easy prediction API for generated POJO and MOJO models. Use as follows:
  1. Instantiate an EasyPredictModelWrapper
  2. Create a new row of data
  3. Call one of the predict methods

Here is an example:

      // Step 1.   modelClassName = "your_pojo_model_downloaded_from_h2o";   GenModel rawModel;   rawModel = (GenModel) Class.forName(modelClassName).newInstance();   EasyPredictModelWrapper model = new EasyPredictModelWrapper(rawModel);   //   // By default, unknown categorical levels throw PredictUnknownCategoricalLevelException.   // Optionally configure the wrapper to treat unknown categorical levels as N/A instead:   //   //     EasyPredictModelWrapper model = new EasyPredictModelWrapper(   //                                         new EasyPredictModelWrapper.Config()   //                                             .setModel(rawModel)   //                                             .setConvertUnknownCategoricalLevelsToNa(true));   // Step 2.   RowData row = new RowData();   row.put(new String("CategoricalColumnName"), new String("LevelName"));   row.put(new String("NumericColumnName1"), new String("42.0"));   row.put(new String("NumericColumnName2"), new Double(42.0));   // Step 3.   BinomialModelPrediction p = model.predictBinomial(row);    

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